Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pain of Indians

I met Guajarati suffering from pain of 2002 riots
I met Punjabi recalling the terror of 1982 riots
I met Bengali having the pain of 1971 Liberation war
I met Assames hiding the hurt of 1979 Assam Agitation,
I met Karnatakan nuisance with 2008 Hindu-Chritions riots,
I met Maharashtran facing most communal riots in one decade
I met Bihari suffering from prejudice and faced violence sometimes
I met Jharkhandi telling the pain of Naxalite
I met Kashmiri when I was a kid they were running for their life,
Again I met Kashmiri when I was young they were fighting for their life and
Now I met Kashmiri when I am an adult who is writing about his life and getting threaten.

Now I am wondering…..

We all are wounded we all have suffered
Why we are divided why still we differ

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